“This film won hearts”

Four years ago, we made a film about the PReCePT project, and this film has been absolutely key in communicating key aspects of the project to public, funders, researchers and clinicians.

What this film achieved for us is that it actually won hearts. When you’re producing evidence in the form of papers in journals and posters, what doesn’t come across is the emotions and the patients. It was absolutely key in helping us fund PReCePT going forward at a national level.

Dr. Karen Luyt, Consultant in Neonatal Medicine, University Hospitals Bristol

“It does its job really perfectly”

Congratulations on the success of the film. I know everyone concerned is extremely pleased with the way it has been received. And so they should be. It does its job really perfectly.

— Sir David Attenborough


We have worked with Blue Fire Films on various projects over the years and will in the future. They have built up a knowledge of mental health services locally which helped us to hit the ground running. They are incredibly sensitive in their approach, and strike a very good balance between listening with an open mind to the ideas we had and also providing knowledge and expertise … and this allowed us to work in a wonderfully empowering way with mental health service users. I would strongly recommend Blue Fire Films.

— Dr. Mary Griggs, Clinical Psychologist, Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust


“Flexible and dedicated”

Blue Fire Films produced a high quality film and were flexible and dedicated. They liaised with us well and were pleasant to deal with

— Jackie Aplin, National Lottery

“Stress-free experience.”

Thank you for the videos you made for us, we’re really pleased with them.  You put everyone at ease, so filming was a very enjoyable and stress-free experience, and the films you produced really capture the spirit of our work here in a professional and engaging way.

Professor Diana Harcourt, University of the West of England


As an Academic Health Science Network, our role is to spread innovation across healthcare services in the West of England. That can seem like quite an abstract thing. Using video, and especially video produced by people that understand the healthcare context is really key to us. Making those connections, helping them see how they can succeed, seeing it through the eyes of other people like them that have done it, and seeing some of the real life impacts of the work that we’ve done really, really helps us get our message across.
— Matthew Larkin, Communications Manager, West of England Academic Health Science Network.


“Valuable insights”

We benefitted hugely from George’s professional experience in a practical sense, making sure the filming did what we wanted to achieve technically, within our budget and timeframe. But we also gained unexpected and really valuable insights from his perspective in terms of the aesthetics of filming, choice of edits, and storyboarding. I would love to have the chance to work with him again, and highly recommend him to others. 

— Dr. Sue Milner, University of Bath.

He takes the time to understand”

George has proved to be a really effective partner, and a great colleague. He takes the time to understand our work, and understand the people we work with, whether that be healthcare professionals, people from the world of academia, or local businesses. He’s actually been our go to person whenever we want any videos made.

— David Evans, Quality Improvement Programme Manager, West of England Academic Health Science Network.


Blue Fire Films worked with the Centre for Appearance Research at UWE, Bristol, to create a film with young people about YP Face IT, an online psychological support tool for young people with appearance-affecting conditions. The film was used as an innovative way of disseminating results of a research study to primary care staff. George was extremely professional and dedicated and used his extensive expertise when providing ideas that made the film engaging yet informative. Given the context involved, George’s understanding of the target audience and knowledge of both academic and healthcare settings was really valuable. Most importantly he had a lovely rapport with potentially vulnerable young actors with complex health conditions, making them feel relaxed and valued. As a result they very much enjoyed the experience.
— Dr. Heidi Williamson, Centre for Appearance Research, UWE.


“A very effective and pleasant process”

Working with George is great. I had to produce a video abstract to promote a recent paper of ours in Science Advances but had just a few to do it with very short notice. Nobody at my institution would be able to help with such time constraints. With a couple of conservations by email and Skype, George and I were able to sketch the general idea for the video and then work over a couple of days to get the final version. It was a very effective and pleasant process and I am very happy with the outcome. I will definitely work again with George in the future.

— Professor Miguel Araújo, University of Madrid.

“Help our authors increase the visibility of their work”

At Ecography, we use video abstracts as a tool to reach a larger readership for our scientific papers. Dr Chan has a fantastic way of putting together interesting and engaging videos that help our authors increase the visibility of their work. Thank you Blufire films for your professional work!

— Maria Persson, Managing editor, Ecography.


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